Land Stewards of NY


Upcoming Land Stewards of NY Event

If you are concerned about how gas drilling will affect YOUR property rights and OUR communities,


When:         Wednesday, June 1, 7:00 PM

Where: Fabius Community Center & Grange

Rt. 80, in the heart of downtown Fabius

Program Speakers:

  • Kenneth Holden, Attorney, Hancock Estabrook Law Firm

“The New York State Compulsory Integration Law and Private Property”

  • Mark Burger, Executive Director, Onondaga Co. Soil & Water   Conservation District

“Tour of Natural Gas Production: Bradford Co., PA”

  • William Kappel, Ph.D., Hydrogeologist, U.S. Geological Survey

“Water Resources and Natural Gas Production in the Marcellus Shale”

(Questions and answers to follow speakers)

Proof of Why a Landowner’s Bill of Rights is Needed

The oil and gas companies are not playing fair! This document is a confidential memo for the landmen, those pitching oil/gas leases in Ohio to landowners.  It reveals the underhanded tactics at play in the game of securing leases for oil and gas extraction rights from landowners. Support the Land Stewards’ call for a Landowner’s Bill of Rights and educate yourself before you sign a lease! Gas Company Talking Points pdf file

The Land Stewards of NY: Mission Statement

We are a non-profit citizen action coalition of landowners, farmers, business owners, and most importantly, tax paying constituents of the State of New York who own, manage and live in areas targeted for natural gas production including the process known as hydraulic fracturing or “hydrofracking”.  We are united by our common interest to protect the lands we steward. Our lands include farms, forests, wetlands, lakes, and streams. Many hamlets, villages, towns, and cities depend upon the natural resources contained within this land we steward, especially our pristine water resources. As good stewards, we often put the protection of our land ahead of our own interests for the benefit of all who reside within the boundaries of New York State. We solemnly accept this responsibility because we know we are safeguarding our lands and natural resources for future generations.

Our Mission

We, the Land Stewards of New York, respectfully request our elected and appointed officials do the following:

1.        Immediately Repeal Compulsory Integration, a form of Eminent Domain, enacted into law in 2005 at the behest of the gas exploration, drilling and extraction industry, which allows drilling and removal of natural gas by means of hydraulic fracturing from privately owned land without landowner consent.

2.        Enact a Landowner’s Bill of Rights to include, but not be limited to, a requirement that all representatives of gas exploration, drilling and extraction companies seeking to lease private lands are subject to an enforceable statewide solicitation permit; Gas industry agents seeking to obtain leases must provide detailed well site information including: size, scope, vertical & horizontal distances, duration of production; a “Material Safety Data Sheet” as required by Federal law for all chemicals, proprietary or otherwise, being used on the drilling site in any capacity; a detailed hazardous materials disposal plan for all waste associated with drilling including liquid, solid and radioactive; to advise landowners of the importance of  baseline water testing of all potable water sources on their property targeted for a proposed gas lease; and a bonded reclamation plan as required by the Federal Bureau of Mining.

3.        Establish a Compensation and Remediation Fund to be maintained by the State of New York and funded by all gas exploratory, drilling, and extraction companies who conduct such activities within state boundaries. The fund will be used expressly for remediating damages incurred by landowners and municipalities as the result of gas drilling including hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

Our  Action Plan

Our focus is to affect specific legislative changes in Albany needed to correct the current imbalance which has given unacceptable powers to the gas industry while robbing land owners and rural communities of basic Constitutional rights. The enactment of the 2005 law that created Compulsory Integration, coupled with a lack of preparation and oversight capability on the part of DEC, clearly demonstrate that New York State government must be compelled to represent the taxpayers who live within the gas drilling areas and not the oil companies who possess vast financial resources with which to fund public relations campaigns, lobbying efforts, and deceptive leasing practices. We will present our demands to our local elected officials as well as Governor Andrew Cuomo, DEC Commissioner Joseph Martens, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, clearly reminding them of their duty to those who elected them. We will communicate our demands publicly, and we will vigorously hold all elected officials accountable to protect the environment of New York State and the rights of taxpaying landowners.